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Pest Control Booking - Terms and Conditions

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Please read the following terms and conditions that apply to cancelling, missing or rearranging your appointments:

 ·         If you miss your appointment or it cannot take place because, for example, an adult is not at home at the arranged time, the required preparation has not taken place or the occupant declines to allow the treatment to take place, the appointment will not be rearranged and no refund will be made.

 ·         If you want to cancel your appointment, your treatment fee will be refunded minus an administrative charge, provided at least one working day's notice is given.

·         If you want to cancel your appointment the same day as your visit, no refund will be made.

·         If you wish to cancel an appointment where the treatment has already started, no refund will be made (regardless of the notice given).

·         If an active infestation cannot be found a refund will be made minus an administrative charge. If treatment and/or baiting has commenced no refund will be given.

·         If you fail to undertake works (proofing / hygiene) or adhere to pest control technician recommendations we may stop treatment and no refund will be given.

·         If the council is unable to fulfil an appointment (for example due to inclement weather, staff sickness or travel problems) and suitable alternative cannot be offered within ten working days of the original appointment, the fee paid will be refunded in full.


Administrative charges (for cancelling or rearranging a booking) 

Cause of refund 

Deduction from refund 

Appointment cancelled when more than one working day notice given


Appointment missed or cancelled when less than one working day notice given

No refund given

No treatment possible because no active infestation found


Treatment has already started but customer does not want to continue with further visits

No refund given